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White Paper - Clockwise and DCAA Compliance

DCAA does not endorse specific software or make recommendations on any particular software vendor. They do, however, require some very strict criteria on what type of system meets their audits. GHG Corporation’s Clockwise software meets the stringent DCAA compliance standards and is currently used by many NASA and Defense Contractors all over the world.


  • Unique username and password for users
  • Full audit log that is viewable by the employee, supervisor and system admin.
  • Employees can only allocate time to projects/cost codes they have been assigned.
  • Correction timesheets with automated work flow
  • Auto email alerts to employees if anyone updates a timesheet.
  • Multiple levels of signatures and approvals.
  • Prevention of billable time in advance
  • Reason required for late entries or use of overtime

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Rates Plus by Gov-Con           

Proven DCAA compliance software for QuickBooks® (Desktop and Online). Indirect Rate Calculations, Manage Budget vs. Actual Indirect Rates, Cost Management Reports for Program Managers (monitoring profitability and funding), Allocation of indirect costs

ICAT by ICAT Systems

ICAT enables government contractors using QuickBooks to have a DCAA compliant system that automatically calculates Indirect Rate, allocates Indirect Costs to contracts, and generates a variety of fully loaded Contract Cost Reports. ICAT streamlines contract-specific tasks, including Incurred Cost Proposals, Provisional Rate Development, and Budgeting.

Arrowhead Solutions, LLC

Arrowhead Solutions, LLC is an experienced group of proposal, contracts and accounting professionals who are dedicated to this highly specialized area of business management

 Chawla & Chawla, P.C.

Government Contractors need to follow a specialized set of rules and regulations in preparing their financials and have specialized reporting requirements. Chawla & Chawla P.C. professionals provide our clients the much needed support and expertise in navigating and meeting these requirements.


ReliAscent provides government contract accounting, contract management/administration, and CFO services for Federal contractors & grantees. They specialize in DCAA compliant accounting and have extensive experience with all Federal Agencies. From installing your system to accounting and maintaining compliance, they handle it all so you don’t have to!



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We find Clockwise to be easy to implement, use, and manage alongside accounting systems to be DCAA compliant...

Stephanie Amend, Arrowhead Solutions