Employee Leave Management

Increase efficiencies, reduce inaccuracies and automate your organization’s leave.

Complex leave management

Clockwise makes it easy to track and manage leave at different rates. Add rules for vacation leave, sick leave, holiday leave, and more. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Accrual Based
  • Earned Leave
  • Flat Leave

Empower your team

With the option to request leave and charge hours against it in Clockwise, your employees will feel in charge.

Clockwise’s automated work flow allows managers to see leave accrual and permissions at a glance, making resource planning simple. 

Pre-populated Holiday Schedules

Track holiday schedules without the hassle. As part of our signature set-up, Clockwise will add your company holidays, so that they’ll automatically show up on timesheets.

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Using Clockwise’s leave management system is accurate and dependable. PTO and Sick Leave were manual entries into a database and were always “after the fact”, which constantly resulted in usage of time an employee might not have. Now employees have immediate balances at their fingertips resulting in fewer questions and phone calls, and more accuracy.

Bobbi Kershaw, Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare