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Would you like to have more accurate results when it comes to tracking the hours that your employees are working? At the same time, would you like to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can trust those employees and the times that they tell you that they worked? If so, it is time for you to look into Mac timesheet software for your company.

How Clockwise Works

Whether you are looking for timesheet software for architects or timesheet software for accountants – the same system can be used in many different industries – it is important that you know how Clockwise is going to work. Here are some key points that you should keep in mind:

Computerized systems use a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Card swipe systems are also available.

Electronic records are more accurate than anything else in the industry.

Users can manage leave time, attendance, overtime and more.

Users can sign in from a terminal computer or a portable device, like a smartphone or a tablet.

Generally, the Mac timesheet software allows them to punch in from a computer, rather than writing down their hours or using a printer-based system. Computers are more reliable, they compile records quickly, and they give you access to additional functions that other systems are not able to provide.

Additional Features: The Bulletin Board

Have you ever wished that you had a way to contact all of your employees quickly and easily? Do you feel like sending around a printed memo is an outdated method that just does not make much sense in the modern day? You’re not wrong, and that’s why you’ll be glad to know that the timesheet software for architects can come with a message board that is open to your entire company. You can pass information along more quickly than ever before. Since you know that employees will use the best timesheet software every day, you know that they are going to see it.

Setting Automated Messages

Another function that goes along with the timesheet entry software is the ability for users to set up automated messages that can be sent to their email addresses. Is it payday, and should they check their bank accounts for a check? Do they have leave time coming up so that they can go on vacation? Are they getting close to moving into overtime hours? These are all the types of things that could be addressed by these messages, depending on what they want the messages to say and when they want them to be sent. It is just one more way in which the program is going to make things easier for those who use it.

Learn More About Clockwise Now

To learn more or to start working on getting your own software from Clockwise, we hope you’ll contact us today. We would love to answer any questions that you have, as we are sure that this software can give you everything that you need – and more.

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The two most significant improvements since moving to Clockwise is the accuracy of our payroll and limited corrections submitted after payroll is completed.

Kelly Johns, Fort Bend County