Before You Use Clockwise Mobile

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Clockwise Mobile by GHG has been available on the iOS and Android app stores for your employees to download since May of this year. Clockwise Mobile will allow your company employees to clock in and out, edit their timesheets, request leave, submit their timesheets, and much more from the convenience of their mobile devices.

But, for Clockwise Mobile to work for your employees, there are a few prerequisites that need attention:

1) Every app user needs to have a device ID set in their employee profiles. That way the Clockwise Server Application recognizes their phone as an acceptable time recording device.

2) Your company's Clockwise version may need to be updated to version or later for many of the app features to work.

If you have any questions about Clockwise Mobile or want help getting your Clockwise site ready for your mobile users, please call our customer support team at (866) 380-4146 ext. 2 or send an email to

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