Custom Report Requests: What does "by group" mean to you?

The Clockwise team likes helping customers with custom reports. Brian, our report expert, lives for this stuff. It's his thing. It's also his thing to deliver you the right report the first time. To do this, he tells me, he needs your help clarifying what you mean when you say you want it "by Group."

It's very common for customers to want to sort or filter their reports "by Group," which can mean two things:

1) Employees can be members of Groups, and

2) Employees can charge to Groups' authorized charges

For instance, let's say you're a consultant in the engineering department and, via the Employee Management page, have been made a member of both the "Consultants" group and the "Engineering" group. But then you've been assigned to a project in the "Widgets" department and been given a "Widgets" group charge code for your work on that project.

So when we create a report to show project time charges "by Group," that could mean two things. We'll make a note to clarify this when you call. But it helps if you keep this difference in mind when you make your report request.

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