FAQ: What does the "retrieving the com class factory" error mean?

Long story short: It means you need to contact customer support.

We are paying attention to your goclockwise.com website searches and we're seeing a handful of searches for some variation on the "retrieving the com class factory" error message.

If I could post a quick definition and a short solution right here, I would, but it's not that simple. This error message and its resolution depends on a number of things:

  • Your specific Clockwise settings and business rules

  • The Clockwise screen you were on, and

  • What you were trying to do when you saw the error

This message usually results from settings or business rules causing an internal conflict in the software. It is rare but, when it happens, it means the Support Team needs to investigate. Call us at the number above or send a message to support@goclockwise.com and we'll get right on it.

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