Privacy Update: CCPA not a worry with Clockwise

The new California Consumer Privacy Act taking effect on January 1st gives us a occasion to reiterate: Clockwise sells time and attendance software, not your private customer data.

While you may see many websites sporting new options for you to opt out of selling your data in the next few days and weeks, you won't see it on this site or in your Clockwise site because:

  • We do not sell any customer or private data

  • We do not share any of your data unless you request us to do so for your purposes (e.g. ordering clocks for you with our vendors)

  • We do not aggregate and analyze your data to target you with ads for related products

  • We do not even look at your Clockwise database unless it is necessary for a support request you initiate

All of this can be found in our privacy policy. Your data, as always, is safe with us.


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CCPA Notice: Clockwise does not share or sell personal or customer information

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