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Vision First needed to better allocate personnel costs to appropriate cost centers based on where each employee works.


Vision First Eye Center is a cutting edge eye care provider that utilizes the latest technology to cater to specific eye care needs.  Since 1997, VisionFirst Eye Center has offered a range of medical, surgical and optical services with more than 145 years of combined experience servicing the eye care needs of Alabama. 

Primary Objective

"We were used to doing lots of things manually, and not accustomed to a system that would automate many of our manual work-arounds. We lacked the ability to import detailed hours by cost center into QuickBooks. We were also looking to make the employee accountable for the accuracy of their own timesheet, and cut down on the number of payroll corrections."

The Clockwise Approach

Clockwise provided a dedicated implementation specialist who went over the all of the system needs and set-up requirements in tremendous detail. Our system allowed VisionFirst to allocate personnel costs, their largest expense, to the appropriate cost center based on where the employee works. This resulted in better strategic and financial decisions.

The Results

The customer financials by cost center were much more accurate. They could flex staff more easily without lots of extra bookkeeping by their staff.

 "Before Clockwise, we had never had a timekeeping software company try to understand the way we did things and then tailor their set-up to our needs."

  Tarrie Love, Vision First Eye Center 

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